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About Me


I attended Case Western and SUNY at Buffalo, earning a four-year degree in math and computer science. Then I spent several years writing barcode decoding algorithms.

One day Pat Davis, a surveyor I met at a Linux users' group, asked me to write a program, which I did. Later I started work at the now defunct Baucom-Davis drawing lots. Over the years I progressed to complicated maps, some involving gaps or overlaps. (Pat now works at eGPS.)

While taking surveying courses at CPCC, supported by Pat, I started writing Bezitopo, a free surveying program.

I took the Fundamentals test in October 2012 and the Principles and Practice test in April 2014. On finding out that I had passed, I bought some equipment and started surveying the next year.

I'm at a traverse point in the woods, shooting an unfinished driveway. The next traverse point I know the GPS coordinates of.